Makeup tutorial video for film credit

Here is my very low quality, slightly awkward avant-garde makeup tutorial to complete my film credit!

I have never really filmed myself doing my makeup so this was very new to me. I do not have any “good” filming equipment whatsoever, and my phone didn’t have enough space (and wouldn’t sit up) so I had to use my laptop’s camera, which is better than nothing despite its questionable quality. My goal was to create a simple tutorial

My goal was to create a simple video tutorial explaining what my process was, and I think I achieved said goal. Without further ado, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Makeup tutorial video for film credit”

  1. Things learned:

    1. The biggest thing: really hard to work in a team. Both times tried to make a film, it failed because there was not enough communication and thing broke down. It is vital for the film making process. Interpersonal relationships are critical. If doing it again, she would ensure the team was committed and that the planning process was more cohesive.

    2. Has improved her team building skills – tries to be the mediator. She tried to be as professional as possible in a group situation.

    3. Improved and learned how to do script writing, planning out scenes, blocking, etc. She feels that it will be using these skills again in her life. Grateful for the ability to practice these skills.

    4. Learned how important organization is. Film is such a giant project. She didn’t write things down and thus had a hard time in post organizing video and audio She would do this much differently next time.

    5. Reports learning a lot from her mistakes. She analyzed why the projects failed and will apply this learning to future projects.

  2. Emma,
    Your technique and application was mesmerizing, I was wishing for some closeups or and colour definition. The voice over was flawless, your voice and explanations were clear and easy to understand. You kept the pace nicely, with both the audio and the visuals. Can you describe a bit more about what it was like to make the video? What were some of the challenges that you overcame?

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