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After much creative thinking and work, I have finished my infographic on the drug industry. My initial concept for this project is not what I imagined the final product to be, but I sort of had different ideas throughout the process and I’m very pleased as to how it turned out.

I was planning on focusing on just certain drug lords and cartels, but it ended up being more on all the different aspects of the drug industry such as imprisonment, diseases, cultures, use of drugs, money, etc. I think this is a much better idea since if someone were to open my infographic without knowing anything whatsoever about drugs and how they affect our world, it would cover most of the main aspects of the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed making the infographic and would like to make more on more precise and in depth subjects that relate to this topic, such as HIV.

2 thoughts on “Drug Wars Infographic”

  1. Emma,

    I appreciate you putting this together. Infographics are an excellent learning activity to represent your research and communicate your findings.

    The content is important to the world. El Chapo alone has created years of havoc in Northern Mexico which has been detrimental to society. In the US, as you have pointed out, there are thousands of drug and gang-related deaths. It is valuable knowledge.

    The infographic itself is well-crafted. I know that Piktochart makes this quite easy, but you still have to make design choices. The images that you have chosen to support your writing communicates your message well. It does get a little busy in places and could use an edit, but overall, it is effective. The data visualizations further support your research, making it easier for your audience to grasp the meaning quickly.

    The organization and lay out could use work. It bounces around from Columbia to the US, back to Columbia, over to the coca plant. It could use a re-organization. It also needs a thorough edit as I have noticed numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Some of the fonts could use work too as some of the titles get muddled. Lastly, I would like to know your opinions on the matter. You have obviously done the research, now, what do you think? Can you further tie it in to how these drug lords have affected the countries/societies in which they live?

    Thanks again. Please make the edits and then let me know. Are you planning to do another one in the near future?

    1. Jake,

      Thank you for the feedback. I totally get what you mean. I shall use your feedback to better my infographic and will fix it as soon as possible. I would definitely like to make more in the future once I fully finish this one, and that I know how to make infographics so well that I could do one with my eyes shut. I think it would be interesting to do a series of infographs on maybe one specific criminal or cartel and go more in depth on said subject.

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