Drug lord time table


This is my table of drug lords I’ve been curating. It isn’t completely finished yet, since I’m updating it as I go through my research. This is my main resource of research and information for my project. All the information was found through the internet. I watched many youtube documentaries and read news articles on said individuals/cartels, and got a lot of information from biography.com , which gives a brief biography on each person.


2 thoughts on “Drug lord time table”

  1. Thanks.

    Good initial research. More can be done. Turn this into infographics. Begin immediately. Are you going to use piktochart?

    I also want to see your science research related to this inquiry. Give me a hypothesis. What are you trying to prove?

    1. Thank you for the feedback, I am currently using piktochart and will post my recent progress on here very soon, as well as the science aspects of the project which I am also working on.

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