Colourful pop art inspired zombie Body Paint


This was my first attempt at body painting. Although this was originally inspired by a youtube tutorial, I switched it up a bit and did my own twist on this look. I used water activated body paints for the first time with this and learnt that similar to traditional painting, the more water used dilutes the colour pigmentation and less gives a richer payoff of colour.

2 thoughts on “Colourful pop art inspired zombie Body Paint”

  1. Emma, the Pop-art look is definitely a contrast to the realistic look you posted earlier that was both gory and gorgeous. Will you continue with this theme of contrast? Or is it contradiction? If so, how do you plan to challenge yourself both aesthetically and technically?

  2. Wow.

    Visually stimulating. I would like to use your talents in our show coming up in May. I have no idea what the show is going to be at the moment. As soon as something starts to formulate, let’s sit down and discuss a makeup theme.

    I am going to leave the art side of the assessment up to Maddy as I feel she has better insight into that field than I do.

    I would like to see more creations please. I appreciate that you have begun to explore some themes with your art – such as the beauty gore contrast. I would like you to go deeper. Something that is a statement on society. Something that has impact and makes people think. Keep practicing, thinking, and honing your craft. We will find something artistically and creatively interesting. Keep pushing.

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