Drug Wars Infographic



After much creative thinking and work, I have finished my infographic on the drug industry. My initial concept for this project is not what I imagined the final product to be, but I sort of had different ideas throughout the process and I’m very pleased as to how it turned out.

I was planning on focusing on just certain drug lords and cartels, but it ended up being more on all the different aspects of the drug industry such as imprisonment, diseases, cultures, use of drugs, money, etc. I think this is a much better idea since if someone were to open my infographic without knowing anything whatsoever about drugs and how they affect our world, it would cover most of the main aspects of the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed making the infographic and would like to make more on more precise and in depth subjects that relate to this topic, such as HIV.

Drug lord time table


This is my table of drug lords I’ve been curating. It isn’t completely finished yet, since I’m updating it as I go through my research. This is my main resource of research and information for my project. All the information was found through the internet. I watched many youtube documentaries and read news articles on said individuals/cartels, and got a lot of information from biography.com , which gives a brief biography on each person.


Creative cartel infographics

While trying to come up with an idea for my project on drug lords and cartels across the world, I stumbled upon an incredible creation; infographics. Unlike a typical graph which to me at least, is pretty boring, infographics are artistic and colorful. They generally give lots of information while still having cool illustrations and visuals to grasp the eye, which is perfect for someone like me who struggles with numbers and bland math.

My idea is to create a collection of infographics using the data I’ve collected from my research on the drug trafficking industry. My main inspiration for this idea is a book by Tim Leong, Super Graphic. “A visual guide to the comic book universe”, the book is filled with beautiful, colorful infographics on superheroes and comic books.

My goal is to create my own infographics inspired/based by these. A few of my rough ideas are;

America vs Colombia

– how many murders cartel did, what drugs they sold, how much money was made

affiliation graph (inspired by super graphics) one side with names & other with names of drugs and cities/countries.
Venn diagram
map: Colombia (Medellin) Mexico city, Harlem, Chicago and Washington dc
where were the drugs going/being trafficked around the world
I have found a few infographics websites and templates that I might use along with completely drawing them myself on photoshop. I’m still in the process of planning everything, so this is a very rough draft of my plans on this project. I am still doing lots of research and will update this as I go.