Busting eyeballs Special Effects makeup


This look is definitely very eye-catching! I had really enjoyed making my loose eyeball in one of the looks I did a couple months ago, and I had a craving to do more. This is kind of like the upgraded version of that one. Somehow in my deranged, disturbing mind I came up with the idea of having a bunch of eyeballs protruding from my eye area.

To make the eyeballs, I sculpted them using cotton balls and rolling them in liquid latex. I made about 20 different eyeballs, varying in different sizes. Once they dried, I painted on a thin wash of a yellowish brown colour to give a more realistic effect, and then added the details.

I covered my real eye with a cotton pad, which is my favourite method since one usually covers the entire eye and eyebrow. I stippled liquid latex over it carefully and added some tissue around and over the cotton pad to blend it into the skin. With more latex soaked tissue, I built a “wall” around the area of my eye I just covered to create the hole for my new eyeballs. I stuck them all in individually with liqud latex and added small pieces of thinned out cotton balls around them to hold them all there.

Once the prosthetic part was done, I painted the whole thing with red, brown and black water activated paints and drowned myself in blood. I made sure to not completely cover the eyes in blood so the details wouldn’t get lost.

I love creating these eyeballs. I want to explore making different body parts in the future, like fingers or maybe organs. I also think it would look super cool to do this on both eyes, although I’d have to do that on a model considering it’s very difficult to maneuver around with one eye covered, let alone two.

3 thoughts on “Busting eyeballs Special Effects makeup”

  1. Emma,

    Gruesome stuff. I appreciate that you are exploring many possibilities in the SFX realm. Your technical work is excellent. You are adding many valuable pieces to your portfolio.

    As we have discussed and brainstormed before, I would like you to take these technical skills and start to make statements. We have many planned and I would like to see one get done. I would like to see you collaborate with Brigid in performance pieces using her as a model with her spoken word poetry.

    I am going to leave the artistic side to Maddy to assess.

    Your writing is well-crafted – especially for the web. You pull the reader along at a good pace by providing succinct and exciting explanations of your processes. You voice is strong and your passion shines through in your words (the image backs this up well too! Exactly what we want to see when publishing on the web).


  2. Emma, as far as making statements go, I think that this piece has potential. What does it mean to have many eyes? What could it mean? Visual communication happens through the use of symbols, consider the symbols you are using as well as the message and the feeling you have already created with them. We have identified some of the symbols that you are using, gore, guys and injury or ‘dark’ themes contrasted with the light, funny and hopeful. My challenge for you is to think philosophically about these symbols and your message to the consumer! How can you farther manipulate your viewers and communicate your message using the context of your images as another symbol?

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