Beat up blistered face Special Effects makeup


This was something somewhat different for me since my gore looks usually are more “creative”, as in non typical injuries that would only happen in a movie or a really severe accident.

It was meant to be a burnt/blistered face at first, but ended up in more of a bruised, swollen, beat up injury. I think this turned out very realistic and I am proud of the finished look.

To make this beautiful creation, I used FX gelatin to build up the swolen-ness of the face. I used it over the mouth and nose as well which I really think sold the look. I picked at the gelatin to create little holes and dents that I later painted in and filled with coagulated blood.

2 thoughts on “Beat up blistered face Special Effects makeup”

  1. Emma,

    I took the liberty of breaking up your one long paragraph into 3 short ones. It could have easily been 2, but when you write for the web, it is important to leave a lot of white space as well as break up your writing into smaller, bite sized chunks.

    It is also just standard writing practice to break your ideas up into paragraphs. Don’t just mash it all together in one thing.

    I am leaving the art assessment again up to Maddy.

    For what it is worth from my end, you are doing some very fascinating FX work. I would like to see you push in a different direction. What inside of the SFX have you not yet done? You have done a lot of blood, burns, gore, etc. What about making props for example? I really want you to push to places that you have not yet been.

    I would also like you to do more body painting. I would like you to list ideas that you are thinking about on your Trello board.


  2. Emma, I am curious, what are the elements that you think are contributing to the realism?
    Is continuing to work realistically something that appeals to you? Why or why not? Reflect on a direction that you would like to push yourself in so that we can support you. Do you have career goals related to makeup? What is involved for you to reach those goals?

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