Avant-garde clown bodypaint


For this creation, I was honestly inspired by the aesthetic of creepy clowns, old carnivals, and American Horror Story’s fourth season “Freakshow”. I had also just received the wig that I’m wearing in the photo and wanted to do a cool look with it. I really love the colour scheme I chose, I think that the reds, pinks, white and black look beautiful yet slightly creepy. I did a lot of blending and shading, especially with the neck part, since I wanted it to look messy and dirty. Lightly blending the brown colour under the scallops of the neck piece really defined it and made it pop. This is my favourite avant-garde/bodypaint type creation that I’ve done so far, and I can really see some improvements within each look I do.

One thought on “Avant-garde clown bodypaint”

  1. Emma, this is also one of my favorite pieces that you have done. I agree that you have done an exceptionally well drawing on your influences, and recombining them effectively. I enjoy the visual aspects of the character you have created. It is successfully both dark and whimsical. The combination of human and non human elements are well considered. The curly smile and the colour scheme especially, I wonder if the reds and pinks suggest a ‘human’ idea, more than working with a ‘cold’ colour scheme. Perhaps the red/pink is an exaggeration, similar to the smile that follows the lip and then twists up; they fit together nicely. I can’t help but think of Tim Burton’s Caroline. I appreciate how you have incorporated the collar on the neck. I am excited about this as another opportunity to expand your repertoire. I can imagine imagery and other visual elements expanding past the face as you continue to explore the possibilities of body painting. Beautiful work Emma, I am always looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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